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XBRL Rendering Tool

XBRL is a relatively recent way of structuring financial data, utilizing meta-data tags to allow machines to easily read accounting information. Working with XBRL is incredibly complex and stressful without having the proper knowledge or tools.  We have developed an XBRL rendering and viewing tool to help more companies view and share XBRL data.

Our proprietary XBRL rendering tool allows anyone who doesn’t have prior XBRL language experience to still fully utilize the unique reporting system. This innovative software allows you to upload your XBRL files onto our hosted website, in an easy to understand, interactive format, then immediately be able to share that document. Render a fast and secure copy in seconds!

Benefits of using our XBRL Rendering Tool:

  • Easily access and viewing of XBRL files
  • No prior XBRL experience required
  • Fast and secure document rendering
  • Share your document as soon as you’re done
  • No need to send large files via email, just upload and share

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