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XBRL Filings

Colonial Filings provides XBRL conversion and financial reporting services for SEC entities of all types.  Using a company’s financial statements, we convert and tag each reportable fact (or number) into XBRL formats. The FASB is constantly updating SEC taxonomies, which is why we have trained accounting professionals to ensure that your forms are submitted in accordance with the latest industry best practices.

Our Full Service Solution

  • Analyzing Statements and Tagging Services: We analyze all of your statements and then easily identify the appropriate taxonomy categories. Our trained team will also perform an analysis to see if any new taxonomy tags are necessary.
  • Comprehensive Reports: After thoroughly reviewing your financial statements, we will provide you with a comprehensive Mapping Report, which allows you to review, provide feedback and approve the report.
  • Revisions: We will incorporate any changes you wish to make, with no extra or hidden charges.
  • Submission: Our full service solution allows us to easily submit your statements directly to the SEC, along with any other required audiences.

Colonial Filings can guarantee quality and cost-effective services making us a clear choice for your XBRL filing needs.


  • XBRL tagging on all SEC filing types
  • iXBRL filings combine HTML and XBRL into one filing
  • Full service, requiring no new software or staff training
  • Detailed analysis of XBRL structure to create optimized mapping and tagging
  • Fully equipped service capable of handling the needs of corporate filers, mutual funds, investment companies, foreign issuers, and any other SEC filing entities
  • Enhanced quality control & validation metrics to ensure XBRL meets SEC & GAAP best practices

Our dedicated and experienced project managers control each project, providing the ability to conveniently change and update filings, in addition to hosting and managing each XBRL filing throughout the entire process.

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