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Shareholder Meeting & Proxy Services

Annual Meeting Services

We provide Online Shareholder Voting Services in a bundled package with Notice and Access for both the registered and beneficial shareholders. This has proven to be very effective in eliminating the per shareholder premiums that proxy institutions offer. Shareholders can simply enter a control number onto our website and be able to view company elections and proposals and then vote their shares. All proxy tabulation, details and reports are included.

Registered Shareholder Services

For registered shareholders, we manage the beginning to end process starting with the broker search and ending with the final tabulations. Our services are listed in chronological order:

  • Notice and Access (Full Compliance)
  • Provide free consultation and cost analysis of prior meetings
  • Perform Broker Search and Distribution
  • Beneficial Distribution and Setup
  • Perform Edgar Filing of Proxy Statements and Notices
  • Typeset, print and mail proxy notice to shareholders
  • Document Warehousing
  • Fulfillment material request handling (for those that request paper copies)
  • Secure internet and telephone voting
  • Mailing of 2nd Notice to selected groups by share ownership.
  • Meeting logistic analysis and preparation (optional)
  • Inspector of elections (optional)
  • Proxy Solicitation and Maintenance
  • Voting Tabulation
  • Detailed voting and statistical report generation

Beneficial Shareholder Services

For non-voting meetings and mailings, we are able to avoid proxy institutions’ high mailing fees by mailing directly to NOBOs and registered shareholders. In some cases, depending on the issuer’s By Laws and the nature of the mailing, we are able to perform Notice and Access, which adds to the savings (cousult with securities attorney).

Notice and Access Services

Effective January 1, 2009, all SEC regulated issuers must now post proxy materials to a publicly accessible website and provide to shareholders with an internet availability notice of the materials. Issuers may include full set paper copies of the materials or send the Notice only. If the issuer wishes to send the Notice only, a shareholder may request the paper materials to be sent by mail or email (at no charge). You can view the complete SEC rule at

Notice and Access Requirements

  • A Notice must be sent to shareholders explaining where and how shareholder’s can access the information.
  • Issuers must use a publicly accessible website without tracking cookies. The site cannot use links to the SEC EDGAR website.
  • Issuers or their Solicitor must send the Notice within 40 calendar days before the meeting date.
  • Shareholders may request paper or email copies of the proxy materials with the ability to elect to receive paper or email copies on subsequent meetings.
  • Searchable, printable materials must be posted on the website for a period of 1 year after the meeting date.
  • The issuer must provide a Toll-Free phone number, email address, and website address.
  • The Notice may be incorporated into the proxy statement or proxy card.
  • If the issuer sends full set paper copies, they are not required to send the materials with the 40 day timeline.

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