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Privacy Policy

Colonial Filings, Inc. is a leading SEC filing agent in the industry, and as such understands the importance of privacy to our clients. Keeping your company’s financial information safe and protected is of the highest priority to us. We ensure the privacy of any filings serviced through us with a wide range of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards put in place for your peace of mind. Colonial Filings guarantees that no unauthorized sharing of company information will take place, for both former and current clients.

Information Disclosure

Colonial Filings will not disclose any personal or company information to any third party except:

  • When an authorized company personnel requests such information.
  • When the company authorizes that their account information be shared or released.
  • When the disclosure is necessary for Colonial Filings to perform its duties.
  • When the disclosure is required by law. An example would be providing information to industry regulators, to law enforcement agencies, for fraud prevention, or to resolve customer disputes.

How We Acquire Information

Information in Colonial Filings possession may come from the following sources:

  • SEC Filings – sensitive information shared with us to submit EDGAR filings on your behalf.
  • Transactions – information relating to account balances, billings, etc.
  • Other sources – information which may be received from other sources with your consent.

How Your Company Is Protected

Colonial Filings has implemented a wide variety of physical, electronic, and procedural security measures in order to protect your company’s personal and financial information. All of our system safeguards are in compliance with federal standards. Colonial Filings keeps access to your company’s records restricted to only those individuals within our organization that need such information to perform their jobs.

Colonial Filings is grateful for your continued confidence and business, and pledges to uphold the highest in privacy standards for your convenience.

I wanted to take time to write about a recent experience I had with Colonial. I started as CFO on May 9th and quickly discovered I needed to get a 10-Q filed, along with an entire restatement of 2015. The Colonial team was an integral part of getting our 10-Q filed in a timely and accurate manner! Their customer service and response time is excellent, they go the extra yard to get the work done (they have a can do attitude!). I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking their services!