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Newswire Distribution

Our financial press release services are ideal for publicly-traded comapnies looking to reach a larger market while complying with SEC fair disclosure rules. Our services enable companies to reach top financial sites, investors, analysts, search engines, and more.

We have negotiated an exclusive aggreement with NASDAQ, allowing our cleints to recieve press release services at extremely discounted prices. 

Our Full Service Option Includes:

  • 20% discount for domestic release (15% for international)
  • Includes tables, charts, full editorial review
  • Releases can be targeted towards specific regions

Financial Direct Option Includes

  • 195$ flat rate
  • Includes unlimited word count and bypass of editorial intervention
  • Reduce time required for the press release process, as well as reduced respective costs
  • Includes selected media options

In order to be eligible for the 20% discount, click here to register for an account

Some of our Distribution Channels:

  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Google Finance
  • USA Today
  • Fox Business
  • MSN Money
  • Reuters
  • CNN Money
  • OTC Markets
  • Bloomberg
  • Morningstar
  • CNBC
  • Business Week
  • AOL
  • Market Watch

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Contact a sales representative to learn more about our Newswire Distribution services at 877-285-8605 or by clicking above.

Our newswire platform gives you the reach to target specific audiences around the world.


I wanted to take time to write about a recent experience I had with Colonial. I started as CFO on May 9th and quickly discovered I needed to get a 10-Q filed, along with an entire restatement of 2015. The Colonial team was an integral part of getting our 10-Q filed in a timely and accurate manner! Their customer service and response time is excellent, they go the extra yard to get the work done (they have a can do attitude!). I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking their services!