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Investor Websites

Our investor websites allow you 24/7 data hosting, stock charting, and news updates. You'll be able to easily log-on to your account and manage file uploads, payments, press releases, and more, as well as being able to view your payment and transaction history. 

In addition to the benefits of having a one-stop personal website to view and manage different aspects of your company, we're able to generate a single line of code that links to all company data required to be displayed publicly on the web, which you'll then be able to employ to your discretion. This service saves valuable web page real estate, which you'll be able to utilize for other purposes. 

Benefits of using our Investor Websites Services:

  • We provide a variety of file types including HTML, XBRL, and PDF, which allows you to choose the best format for you needs. 
  • Data is automatically populated which saves you time and is also cost efficient.
  • Data is accessible 24/7, for your convenience.
  • We can integrate any website template or programming language, which allows perfect format matching to your corporate website. 
  • Reduce the costs and risks associated with traditional backup methods and keep all your filing informatioin in one central location.
  • Save space and time by linking important information rather than self-publishing.

Additional servicese include stock tickers and company profile sections for an added price.

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